Lossenham Project - St Mary's Carmelite Friary

The carmelite Friary at Lossenham was founded in about 1245 and lasted for just about 300 years, until the dissolution in 1538. Though some buildings appear to have been standing until 1700, the ravages of time and the villagers need for building stone soon removed all traces of the former friary.

Lossenham Project - Castle Toll

Castle Toll is an enigmatic feature at the eastern end of the Lossenham peninsula, consisting of two levels.

Winchelsea levels

This is a project with the National Trust.

Wanstone Rediscovered

An exciting project in partnership with the National Trust

Eanswythe Found: New Reliquary Design

A new reliquary for St Eanswythe: As part of the Eanswythe Found project, Isle Heritage are working with the Diocese of Canterbury and the church of St Mary and St Eanswythe in Folkestone to find a design for a new reliquary for one of England’s earliest female saints, who died circa AD 660. Artists and designers wishing to express interest in being commissioned to design a new reliquary for Eanswythe should contact: Dr Andrew Richardson ( by noon on Wednesday 1st March.